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    Hello there. I've found pdf24 via and tried to merge some files, and _finally_ the resulting file was smaller than sum of original files sizes. Then i've tried re-saving them one by one, and the resulting files was lighter by themselves. And then...

    I've tried to open 966 single-paged pdf files in order to merge them, and
    - it took few minutes to react at all
    - got "Can't open, try to print" errors after file number 515, I had even force closed the app because error continued to popup.

    Few tests later it was clear, the app on my machine can't handle more then approx. 5 hundreds of files.

    But it is not even a problem.

    The real thing I'm worried about - the time the list loads. Two minutes for the 100 files. CPU usage is low, disk usage shows only the starting spike, and I have no idea what happens there. Nothing changes when I disable page previews by setting "show page numbers" view mode.

    Please, tell me how to prepare logs/metrics/video in order to give you more relevant info about this case of the low performance.

    Thank you.

    Stefan Ziegler

    Hi, I've added a issue request to our internal list so that we will investigate this issue. Hope we can help you with your problem.

    Stefan Ziegler

    An alternative to use the Creator to merge all your files is to use the File Tools app. This app can handle far more files then the creator and is faster to load the files into the list because this app doesn't ave to to so much things under the hood.

    • You can open the App via the Launcher (Desktop Icon) or right-click the folder, that contains all your files you want to merge and click PDF24 in the context menu.
    • Then click the soft icon to bring your files into the right order.
    • Then click the Merge Icon to combine all your files.




    Good advice! Checked it, works.

    There are still some limitations:
    - File Tools can open only up to 100 selected files, if there are more - only the first one is in the list. (Folder context menu opens all the files, even 1000, tested).
    - Merge tool silently falls on the big list. The deeper in subfolders/longer names - the shorter list can be handled.

    Anyway, best software for pdf merging as for me.
    And the other tools are at high level of quality too.
    Recommended to friends.

    Stefan Ziegler

    I did a little research on the 100 files problem and it seems that Windows has built in this limit. The work around via the folder context is this solution here.

    The issue with the long path names will be analysed to.

    An improvement for the Creator is implemented so that the Creator can handle a hundreds of files again. The new version with the fix will be releases this week.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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