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    Hi! I gotta say, I love your web and program. It's super helpful! But I wanted to try the offline program for some OCR and I can't seem to make it work. I'm having the following issues:

    I'm trying to use the OCR segment of the app to retrieve a searchable pdf of an Ukrainian pdf. The original pdf lacks encoding or something and there's no way I found to get something to recognize the text in it.  (I'll explain more on this later). The workaround I thought of was using the OCR to basically copy the text and translate that result. But when using the app it won't save the file! I've tried different folders, different file names, different compressions, nothing works! The file just doesn't appear after the job is done and when trying to manually save it nothing happens either.. I really don't know how to go about it and I would appreciate the help!

    Also, when using the online version, I can make it work but afterward, when using it for the translation part, the software says that's not text but a scanned document (?). That's why I wanted to try the app instead in the first place



    Here's a little more explanation on the issue that brought me to use the OCR, perhaps someone has a better solution for it:

    The document is a list of files from a Ukrainian Archive in which I have to do some research. I can't contact the creators of the pdf and get them to send me a differently encoded document so it can be translatable by translation software. I don't mind if it's an automatic translation, but since the PDF either lacks encoding I can't get any software to actually be able to interpret the characters as readable text. When using cyrilic decoders it works, but those are really old and meant for small fragments of text. Nothing as the 600 pages long I have to translate. Just to clarify: I can copy the text, and paste it but when I do it it comes out like completely different Latin base characters.  I've tried everything, from notepad++ to multiple programs to try to re-encode it or make it work. That's how I got to OCR, I thought if I could get the text copied from one document to another by OCR. Perhaps not the most efficient way to go about it, but its the one I've found.


    I look forward to your advice!


    Ok, now it works, altho I didn't know what was the thing that changed that made it to work. I would like to edit the original post but I'm not able to. If anyone know's a better way to workaround the encoding issue, please let me know tho!

    Again, thanks!!

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