New PDF24 phpBB PDF MOD coming soon


we have created a new version of the PDF24 phpBB PDF MOD and submitted to the MOD team. The PDF MOD enables your reader's to download a PDF version of post's in your forum. Each post in the PDF links back to your forum.

The MOD is currently in validation. We hope that the MOD will be available the next days.

The website, where the MOD is listed, is the following:

Currently you can only download the last version, the new version should be available as soon as the MOD is validated.

The old version can also be used with the latest phpBB version 3.0.11, but the new version integrates a little better.

Currently the MOD is used by hundreds of forums which shows that the MOD is really a good improve for your forum.

Try it out and give us feedback if you have problems.

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