Sorry but this is not easy to understand:

pdf24-DocTool.exe -convertTo [-outputDir dir] [-outputFile file] file1 [file2] ...
Converts the input files. Opens the Save As dialog where the user can select a file type
and where the user can specify specific output file options.

Tells the DoctTool to convert the input files

[-outputDir dir]
[-outputFile file]
file1 [file2]

Please Don\'t you have an example?

I\'ve been trying

pdf24-DocTool.exe -convertTo -profile default/best -outputDir C:\\TRAB\\Destination_Pdf24TXT -outputFile \"myfile_destination.txt\" -expandDirs C:\\TRAB\Original_Pdf24\\my_Original.pdf   ?file1? [?file2?]  -silent

It allways open a form to indicate "TXT" type file but i beleave it should be a parameter -"TXT"

and it is not respecting the destination -outPutDir

dosreis57 Asked question 2022-05-08