Hello all,

What is the statut of the embedded ghostscript version included in pdf24 (company use).

Is it the free or the commercial (paid) version of ghostscript ?

At first, It look like the commercial version is needed as pdf24 is not GNU APL.

If your application (including its source code) is not licensed to the public under the GNU AGPL, you are not authorized to ship GPL Ghostscript with your application under the terms of the GNU AGPL if any one of the following is true:

  • your application contains a copy of some or all of GPL Ghostscript;
  • your application is derived from, is based on, or constitutes a revision of some or all of AGPL or Ghostscript;
  • your application includes one or more functions that use some or all of AGPL or Ghostscript.

In that case does pdf24 has a commercial licence that give them the right to distribute software freely to anybody or do we also need to buy commercial ghostscript licence to use it.

This is not very clear in my mind.

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