*ParamCustomPageSize Width: 1 points 1 100000
*ParamCustomPageSize Height: 2 points 1 100000
*ParamCustomPageSize WidthOffset: 4 points 0 0
*ParamCustomPageSize HeightOffset: 5 points 0 0
*ParamCustomPageSize Orientation: 5 int 0 3

There appears to be an error in the pdf24.ppd driver file.  HeightOffset and Orientation both have 'order' set to 5.  This is causing massive confusion since the specification indicates:

The value of order indicates the order in which the parameter named by

paramOption must be placed on the stack and passed to the *CustomPageSize

code. A parameter with an order of “1” is placed on the stack first, followed

by a parameter with an order of “2”, and so on. An application program is

responsible for obtaining these parameters from the user and putting them on

the stack in the correct order before invoking the *CustomPageSize code.

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