PDF24 Creator 8.5.0 released

PDF24 Creator 8.5.0 was released today. The new version brings new features and is available for download.


  • Feature: PDF/A-3 format added
  • Feature: 256 Bit AES security integrated
  • Feature: File name query in the mail function
  • Optimization: Better hint dialog when a file cannot be converted

Enjoy the new version with the already expected 256 Bit AES feature.

New PDF24 Creator will be released soon

My last posts were mainly about the online PDF tools of PDF24 (https://tools.pdf24.org) and here is a post about the PDF24 Creator, for all who are waiting for a new version of PDF24 Creator:

We are also working on further versions of the PDF24 Creator and the next version will be released soon.

Next version:
Fixes some minor bugs and updates some components.

Version after next:
Next major version with at least one new feature.

We are working on two major new features and we will release one of them in the next version. Then follow further new features.

We are also trying to synchronize the online PDF tools with the PDF24 Creator so that the same functions are possible with both tools.

PDF scanner tool released in the PDF24 PDF toolbox

Hey guys, here is our new and free PDF tool in the PDF24 toolbox.

It's a PDF scanner app that you can use to scan documents with the camera of your phone. The result is a PDF file which you can download, share, email or whatever. The link to the new tool is here: https://tools.pdf24.org/scan-pdf

Tell us your thoughts. It's the first version of this app and we think that we can still improve some things here and there, but the first version is already good enough so that we decided to release this state.

Please try this new tool and give feedback so that we can improve the app. Our goal is to create the best free PDF scanner app you can get.

Please share this post so we get plenty of feedback to make this app better.

PDF24 Creator for companies

In the last time inquiries from companies are increasing, whether the PDF24 Creator can be used in companies and whether the PDF24 Creator is also free of charge here.

Using PDF24 Creator in companies is no problem. Many companies use the PDF24 Creator and distribute the application to the PCs in the company network, thus providing their employees with software that allows them to create and edit PDFs quickly and easily. The use under Citrix is also no problem. The PDF24 Creator is well known and many users can work with the software.

The PDF24 Creator is free of charge, also for companies. Licensing models for the software do not yet exist. You do not need to purchase a license from us. Anyone can use the software free of charge.

We would be pleased to receive feedback if your company also uses PDF24 Creator. Feedback about different aspects is important and helps us to find problems, optimize processes or create new features. For example, you can send your feedback directly to forum@pdf24.org by e-mail.

I hope you will enjoy PDF24 Creator.

Alternative to FreePDF

Are you looking for an alternative to FreePDF?

In the last few weeks we have received some requests from companies looking for an alternative, because the FreePDF project will probably not be continued. The question was mostly whether PDF24 is a complete replacement for FreePDF.

In my opinion, the answer is clearly YES. The PDF24 Creator is in no way inferior to FreePDF. On the contrary, PDF24 Creator offers many more features and functions that are not included in FreePDF. So you can do nothing wrong with the PDF24 Creator.

The PDF24 Creator is free of charge, both for private individuals and companies. Companies can roll out the software onto their computers. The PDF24 Creator can also be used under Citrix. An MSI is available to make the distribution work better. Despite freeware, the PDF24 Creator is free of viruses, spyware and other malware, which is rarely found today. Isn't it great?

I hope that with this contribution I have been able to help people who are also looking for an alternative. I hope you enjoy PDF24 Creator.

PDF24 Creator 8.4.1 released

We have released PDF24 Creator 8.4.1 today. The new version fixes problems with older versions. A short overview with the changes is compiled here:

  • Fixed an error when determining file names via the printer interface
  • File size limitation for the Online PDF Converter interface
  • Fixed some other minor bugs, such as a broken PDF printer.

The new version can be downloaded from www.pdf24.org pages. We hope that this version will also fix your problems, if you had any at all.

Added new compression option to the PDF24 online PDF file compression tool

Added compression mode parameter to our Compress PDF Online Tool at https://tools.pdf24.org/en/compress-pdf

We are now able to compress PDF files a little bit better than before. We have added a new option to our backend so that even PDF files without images can be compressed a bit further. This often reduces the PDF file size by some KB.

You will recognize the new feature in our frontend. There is now a new mode parameter. The normal mode tries to compress PDF files as best as possible and the lossless mode runs only steps which does not reduce the quality of your files.

Online PDF tool for annotating PDF files released


a new online PDF tool is ready and can be used. The new tool is now available in our PDF Tools section.

The new tool lets you annotate and edit PDF files. You can practically take a PDF as a basis and draw into the individual pages of the PDF. Freehand painting is also available as a tool and so you can write directly in PDF with a tablet and pen. It's the first version of the tool and we still have room for a lot of improvements, but in the current version it's already impressive.

The tool can be found here:

Here are some of the features the tool gives you:

  • Write/paint freehand in PDF
  • Different brush types, adjustable brush size and color incl. transparency
  • Add text, choose different fonts, change font size and formatting such as bold and alignment, line height, color and transparency
  • Adding of different shapes like rectangles, circles, arrows incl. adjustable color and transparency
  • Adding images, also with adjustable opacity
  • Added elements can be placed anywhere in the PDF, including rotation and scaling
  • Undo/Redo function is available

We wish you a lot of fun with the new tool. If you like the tool, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Co.