Hi Stefan,

I just downloaded PDF24 11.11.0 and noticed some unusual options in the [remove pages] tool...

... on hovering over the elements, I am guessing that "246..." should have actually been displayed as "even pages" (or something similar) but there was an issue reading the language/translations file(?) - that's just a guess, obviously you will know a lot better than me.

Anyone, I just wanted to report the bug so it can be investigated/fixed.



  • PDF version: 11.11.0
  • O/S version: Windows 11 (Pro) 22H2 (latest) build 22621.1413
  • Language: English UK (LCID 2057)

Please reply if you need any further information. Also, I could not find another way to submit a bug (e.g. bug submission form, etc) but please let me know if there is something like that and I am happy to use that for any bugs I may find in the future.

Also, just to say thank you for developing PDF24 and sharing it for free... I have been using it for several years as my main PDF editing tool.

Stefan Ziegler Answered question 2023-03-29